Even in these dreams . . .

“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars"

Suzanne Gordon
30 November 1979

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Who the heck is Zan? Resources/Etc.
Well, I'm Suzanne. Or as you see in my screen name - zansidhe. Wondering how the heck to pronounce that screen name? Wonder no longer, it's pretty simple: It's zan-shee (rhymes with banshee). At one point I found it very punny, and it stuck. No big story. Sorry to disappoint.

If you want to know a little about me: I'm an all around theatre geek, knitter, coffee drinker, singer, and more. Hmmmm, I went to UOP and graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree in vocal performance. Lived in San Jose most of my life, my parents moved me to the Central Valley, and then once I was sick of Stockton (read: graduated really expensive college with far too many loans to pay off and it's not like a job in Stockton will really help me pay the bills) so I up and high-tailed it back to San Jose.

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